Why meetups


Do you have a special feeling about a keyboard? Other people has that as well. As much fun as it is talking with people online (and that is fun), it’s much more enjoyable to talk with people in real life, getting to know the people in person, that you have spend time creating a bond with online. That is what meetups is about.


Have you ever been interested in a switch, that you were thinking about purchasing, but never had the will to pay 1$ a switch to fill a board? Or just don’t know the real difference between tactile, clicky or linear and want to learn? Then meetups are the best place to go. You will be able to see a wide variety of boards, caps, cables and switches at a meetup, and in most cases also be able to try them out.


Meetups can also be used as an excuse to go out into the world, and experience something that you would not normally see.



At the end of the day, a meetup is a memory that you will keep with you forever. It’s a agglomeration of feelings, experiences, interactions and just pure joy that you cannot experience in any other way in the hobby. Want your endgame? Meetups are the true endgame.