Why Keyboards


Having a mechanical keyboard is for many in the hobby as much about the feeling, as it is the looks. Having something on your table that makes you smile when you glace at it, is just a awesome feeling, and knowing that its unique to you. The chance is that when you have a keyboard with a custom keyset that there is only yours in the world, or at least very few exactly like it. People pay hundreds of Euro for keycaps, custom colors, custom cables to match an idea they have in their head, so it has to look good!



Having the option to have your keyboard exactly like you want it is a big deal to people in this hobby, Some people like big keyboards with every key imaginable, some people like small keyboards that are more compact/portable. And then some people like keyboard that does not resemble a keyboard in any way. Its all about getting something that YOU want.


Typing on a mechanical keyboard just feels different, there is a tactility and certainty when using a mechanical keyboard. Its hard to describe in words, where most normal keyboards feels kind of “Mushy” and you are never certain when it actuates, with a mechanical keyboard you have no doubts.


Many people, that are into keyboards, will tell you that how they sound, has a big influence in what they think about keyboards. Any keyboard that you make will sound different than the next one. There are lots of factors that play into how a keyboard sounds, from the case to the key switches the key caps, even the lube used on the switches. You will have a hard time finding two custom keyboard that sounds similar. Below are some examples of how different keyboards can sound.