Former meetups

Copenhagenclick 2019

In 2019 we had the first Danish mechanical keyboard meetup in Copenhagen. This was a successful event where over 35 people showed up, this was a huge deal for the Danish community. There were also loads of international attendees at the event. The event was hosted in Prosa’s facilities in the central Copenhagen, this boasted both food and drinks for every attendee.

The event all in all was great, everyone at the event seemed to have a blast, people were smiling and talking. In general it looked like everyone was interacting with someone there, and no one was left out.

At the event there was a reporter from Prosa, that made a article about the event, this can be found here: Link (Please be aware that the article is only available in Danish)

At the event we also had a fellow community member, that is working in the technology department of DR (The Danish national Broadcasting Corporation). He made a short radio serie about mechanical keyboards, where the meetup was touched upon a few times. The podcast of the broadcast can be found here: Link (Please be aware that this podcast is in Danish)

Want to see images from the meetup? Just follow the link below.

Want to know how to assemble your CopenhagenClickPad-V1? Follow the link below!