September 7th 2019
Practical information
Please be aware that the last date for signups are on the 23th of August.

The event will be hosted on the 7th of September this year, between 12:00 and 17:00.
A meal will also be organized along with the event itself, this will be at 19:00, further information will be provided to the people signing up for the planned meal.

When first getting to the event people will be provided with nametags, tables will be set up in the main hall of the event, here attendees can set up their keyboards. (Or what other keyboard related items they are bringing) there will be small info cards that owners can fill out with information about their boards.

Smoking inside at the event is not allowed.
Attending the event is free, but we can only host 50 people, First come first serve.
You can sign up for the event here:
Keeping up to date
If you want to keep up to date with this event then you can follow along on the MKEU discord server here: Link

for any questions i can always be contacted via:
Discord: MehAdviceGuy#3922
Reddit: u/MehAdviceGuy